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Who Is Purple Shampoo For?

It's a miracle worker for blonds, those with gray hair (natural or otherwise) and women with highlights. 

Who Is Purple Shampoo For?

Purple shampoo is for those with light hair, whether that’s salon achieved, natural, or introduced via highlights – purple shampoo will cancel out the yellow undertones of your light colored hair, and keep it bright and beautiful.

What do we mean by light colored? If your hair is any of the colors below, then purple shampoo will work for you:

  • Blonde
  • Platinum
  • Ashy blonde / very light brown
  • Silver / gray
  • White
  • Pastel (bleached and colored with cooler shaded pastels)

The key here is: purple shampoos only work on light colored hair. So if you’re a full brunette, this shampoo won’t do anything for you, but if you’re a brunette with blonde highlights, this will keep your highlights in check. Same goes for those of you with ombre hair; you can target the blonde in your hair with a purple shampoo. Purple shampoo has no effect on darker hair, so you don’t have to worry about affecting your regrowth, or any of your darker hair when using purple shampoo.

If you have bleached hair, a purple shampoo is an absolute must-have. You’re probably used to the disappointment of a dull, banana-shaded head of hair after you leave the salon and go about your business for a couple weeks. There’s no need to re-dye your hair in these circumstances, or deal with having a mellow yellow mop-top – the key is to use a purple shampoo in your usual washing routine to keep your blonde bright, and cool.


The Best Purple Shampoo

By far one of the most talked about, raved about, purple shampoos on the market

Sky Violet Color Enhancing Shampoo (Purple Shampoo)


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